Why eLearning?
Tuesday, 01 April 2008 03:28    PDF Print E-mail
суралцагчийн булан - Хэрэглэгчийн булан

Technical innovations in recent years have drastically altered teaching and learning. E-learning has taken centre stage in discussions and has become an accepted method of modern and future-orientated learning and a supplement to face-to-face trainings. "E-learning" or "Online-learning" means offering and conveying knowledge content using computers and the Internet. 

Contrary to conventional attendance in lessons, in which the trainer stands in front of a group of learners, the participants in online courses sit in front of their computers and as an advantage they are independent of class hours and class rooms. They can use the computer at different times and in different locations. The learners who, for example, wish to start learning about a subject or to extend their knowledge of a subject, work on their computers at home or at their place of work, no matter if they live in a remote area as long as they have access to the internet. There, they can read the learning content, process it according to their individual pace, discuss it with other course participants via e-mail or in the chat room, post questions, work on tasks, and exchange information. In most cases, a facilitator will assume the role of a smart trainer, supporting the learners, leading them, coordinating communication and the exchange of information. 

As a new type of teaching and learning, e-learning offers new possibilities, but also demands an innovation of individual learning methods, self-discipline and the ability to learn together.

So, is e-learning right for you?


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