eL Course Development
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Services - Services

The Mongolian e-Knowledge CAMPUSTM of Mongolian e-Knowledge (MeK) offers individuals and organizations the development of new, participant oriented special eLearning courses to its partners and customers. The development of new courses can include i.a.:

  • Training needs assessment
  • Content development according to the needs of the partner and its staff
  • Instruction design
  • Technical development of the eLearning courses according to partners’ needs
  • Implementation of the training
  • Evaluation and update.

The courses developed can either be implemented on the MeK CAMPUSTM or any other eLearning platform and Learning Management System (LMS). All courses developed by Mongolian e-Knowledge CAMPUSTM can either be developed to be used as tutor assisted courses or self-learning course.

In later stages partners of MeK can send their own staff to one or the other of the eSkills Courses of MeK CAMPUSTM and thus build their own capacity to develop courses for their institution.


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