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Bring the Power of Online Training to Your Organisation

e-Learning is a major opportunity for Mongolian organisations. With the need to deliver a variety of skills, at a low cost, across a vast country, business, government and are turning towards the potential of e-Learning. Large organisations in Mongolia today are already building their online training systems, reducing their costs and quickly improving the skills of their employees and clients. The MeK can help your organisation build your e-Learning campus, and the tools and skills for high quality online learning services.

The benefits of online training systems

As technology improves, e-Learning is the becoming the most efficient and effective way to deliver training.

  • Deliver your existing training courses to more people for less
  • Improve the skills of your employees with new content
  • Deliver new skills quickly straight to the student’s desk, with minimal downtime and overheads
  • Enable better collaboration, communication and knowledge sharing inside your organisation
  • Better identify your star performers
  • Give your students convenience, freedom and flexibility with their learning

Online training is particularly suited to the short courses common in organisational settings – for example, training on professional skills, occupational health and safety, or particular software usage.

The technology available today means that e-Learning can support fully fledged, university level training. Mongolia has some of the most highly advanced broadband infrastructure in the world, with high-speed fibre-optic cable connected to all aimag centres and more than 160 soums. There is huge potential for highly effective e-Learning throughout the city and country, with the ability to support advanced applications like video-conferencing and immersive learning technologies.

What we do

Needs Assessment: Working together with your organisation, MeK’s e-Learning experts can help determine your requirements and needs for e-learning. We can help identify the best opportunities for e-learning in your organisation, and advise on the tools and technologies best suited to meeting your requirements

Build Your eLearning Campus: Mongolian e-Knowledge can build and maintain the online tools required to run advanced online learning courses. MeK uses the open source Moodle Learning Management System, used throughout the world by leading schools, universities and organisations. MeK can configure services hosted by external providers or internally on an organisation’s own server infrastructure.

Moodle provides online learning tools including:

  • Step-through online courses with many configurable options
  • Interactive tests and quizzes
  • Live chat
  • Discussion forums
  • Shared wiki resources
  • Assignment submission and marking systems

It can also integrate with external modules from third parties to provide additional features such as:

  • video conferencing and presentations
  • whiteboard applications
  • interactive software training.

Moodle is an advanced product that provides full access and permissions control, and integrates smoothly with enterprise LDAP, e-mail and other authentication systems. It runs on all the leading server platforms, including Windows Server and Linux, and databases including MySQL, Oracle and others.

Build e-Learning Expertise: MeK staff are qualified and highly experienced online trainers. We can provide formal training for your staff on:

  • How to understand and use online learning tools
  • How to best use the tools for training
  • How to design courses to maximise trainee engagement, motivation and benefits

E-tutor network: MeK operates a network of experienced e-Tutors. We can provide qualified trainers to run short-term online courses.

Work with the e-Learning experts

The MeK is Mongolia’s leading e-Learning organisation. We are partners with InWent of Germany and our staff are formally qualified as online tutors through their international program. We are leading the push for improved standards for online learning in Mongolia based on international best practices.

We already offer e-Learning-related courses in the Mongolian language through our own learning portal at www.mongolcampus.org: ‘Instructional Design’, ‘Tutoring in eLearning Communities’ and ‘eLearning Content Development’. We have trained over 100 students online on these courses.

As well as being expert educators, MeK also provides technical delivery and implementation expertise. We are experienced in both the delivery and use of Moodle. Our staff have provided enterprise services to large organisations in several countries, delivering applications serving hundreds of thousands of users. We deliver high quality, professional services to our clients and ensure that our work is sustainable and long-term high value.

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