Am I ready for eLearning?
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суралцагчийн булан - Хэрэглэгчийн булан


Distance learning requires skills and abilities that may not be consistent with your style of learning. Not everyone is comfortable in this format. Please take a few minutes to complete the following questionnaire to help find out if distance learning will work for you.

Please note down your answers as 1-B, 2-A, and go for results to the next page

1.      I prefer to…

A.       do my learning alone
B.       work and learn alone or together with others …it does not matter to me
C.      work with others when learning

2.      I do my work…

A.       as quickly as soon as possible and early before due dates
B.       at the last minute and only when reminded
C.      not that fast but normally in time

3.      I…

A.       do not really like online communication
B.       communicate easily online
C.      can communicate via the web if I get feedback

4.      The feeling that I am part of a class is…

A.       helpful for me and enables me to get my work done
B.       not really necessary for me
C.      most important to get my learning and work done

5.      For me…

A.       contact with my instructor is important as I need feedback
B.       direct contact to the trainer is important to comment and ask questions
C.      direct response is most important

6.      Classroom discussion is…

A.       helpful but not necessary
B.       absolutely crucial
C.      Important

7.      For assignments I get I need…

A.       written instructions to refer to later
B.       verbal instructions and the chance to ask
C.      written tasks with discussions as the end of the assignment comes

8.      I prefer to learn by…

A.       listening to someone
B.       reading at my own pace with opportunity for discussion
C.      reading at my own pace

9.      Coming to school or workshops on a regular schedule is…

A.       hard for me
B.       Can be done but not that easily
C.      Real easy

10.    If I am unsure of an assignment I would…

A.       feel OK to contact someone by e-mail
B.       feel uncomfortable and wait for someone else to ask
C.      would ask, however would not really like it


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