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Competence in Decision Making
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eL Courses - Management Courses

This online-course is about practiced deciding, to which you must give enough thought. You will learn how to use your own abilities within a focused and structured decision process to actively make decisions.

Obviously, a 10-hours lasting course about decision making can neither be comprehensive nor detailed about all relevant topics of decision making. Instead, the course aims to act as an appetizer and provide an introduction into some of decision making’s most important subjects.

Additional references, websites and case studies offer you the opportunity to learn more about specific topics of your interest either individually or collectively as a cyber group. Having studied our six modules about decision making, you’ll know about the difficulties of making good decisions and know where to get further information.

Last but not least, this course will give you the stock-in-trade which is necessary to start changing your personal decision routines – in business and daily life.

From this online-course participants will learn:

  • The benefits of using a professional decision making approach
  • Prerequisites to the decision making process
  • How to chose among several decision making methods
  • How and when to apply those methods


Introduction to Project Management
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eL Courses - Management Courses

The course provides understanding of concepts and contents of contemporary project management. It does not focus on projects of development cooperation.

From this online-course participants will learn:

  • Introduction into project management (Terminology, concepts and basic approaches to project management, exercises; experience in handling the tools of the learning environment
  • Starting a project (project definition, project objectives, development of a project plan, stakeholder analysis)
  • Project planning (work break down structure, resource planning, deadline and progress planning, cost planning, risk planning)
  • Project implementation (project controlling, project supervision)
  • Project completion (documentation, evaluation)


Knowledge Management
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eL Courses - Management Courses

This course will inform you on concept and necessity of knowledge management. You will reflect the situation of a typical medium-seized enterprise, work with pragmatic and applicable concepts and tools. You will work in small peer groups with interesting participants. Assistance by an experienced tutor is available during the whole course.

After completing this course you will be able to asses its applicability on a given institute or enterprise. From this online-course participants will learn:

  • What is Knowledge Management?
  • How does Knowledge Management work?
  • How to implement a Knowledge Management System?


Consultancy as a professional Option
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eL Courses - Management Courses

This course is designed for people who seriously consider consulting as an option for their professional future. You will achieve a clear understanding of consulting and you will be able to judge your personal consulting potential, a valuable precondition for your decision whether consulting is a worthwhile professional option for you.

Requested is basic knowledge of Human Resource Development as well as at least 4 years of working experience in your own field within institutions or enterprises of the public or private sector.

From this online-course participants will learn:

  • What consulting is all about
  • The consultant’s role
  • 5 Steps of the consulting process
  • Asking the right question
  • How to carry out a Project
  • Starting your own business


Management Courses for Individual Participants
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eL Courses - Management Courses


Mongolian e-Knowledge CAMPUSTM so far offers various management related topics to the interested public. New modules and topics are added on a regular and demand driven basis. Some subjects are for example:

These courses have jointly been developed by MeK and German InWEnt gGmbH, and are thus contents-wise and methodology wise state-of-the-art.

Technology / Methodology

All modules offered by Mongolian e-Knowledge CAMPUSTM are tutor assisted courses. The courses are split into several sub-topics. Participants are free to learn whenever they want and can access the course content online via Mongolian e-Knowledge CAMPUSTM at any time.

Tutors are available for each course guiding participants through the course, organising regular chat sessions and assisting in working on the participants’ assignments. Tutors are moderating discussions between participants and evaluate the “home works” prepared by the participants. Participants are never left alone.


Depending on the topic the courses have duration of between four and six weeks. Participants will be guided through discussions on an ongoing basis and have enough time to work on the contents whenever suitable. Most courses include a chat once a week. In total participants will need about one to two hours of online learning and collaboration per week.


Courses are open to all interested potential participants and applicants.



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