Instructional design
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The capacity building course program ‘Instructional Design’ is geared towards trainers and future online tutors in adult education and academic training, who need to acquire theoretical and practical online course design skills. The program equips participants with the necessary tools and knowledge to successfully develop an online course concept.

The main objectives of the program

  • Participants will be able to define the term 'instructional design' and are familiar with the individualstages of this process
  • Participants are able to define specific needs for training and are familiar with important frame conditions for the development of a online course and the assessment of these conditions.
  • Participants are able to analyse a target group for features relevant to their course development and can describe them in a learner profile.
  • Participants are able to distinguish various levels of precision and areas in the definition of learning objectives. They are able to define fine-tuned objectives.
  • Participants know the characteristic features of eLearning and are able to explain them.
  • Participants can describe various eLearning scenarios and name their advantages and disadvantages.


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